Sports Not Politics

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This website is about America and politics. It’s not about sports. As a Jeffersonian constitutional Patriot, freedom of speech is something that I wholeheartedly support. I also feel that there is a time and place for each of us to express ourselves when we feel an injustice needs to be addressed. If you want to […]

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The Fifth of July — James Clinton Belcher

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  From the pages of Judge Anna M. von Reitz Presented to the Esteemed Readers of Fix America in it’s entirety. By James Clinton Belcher Two hundred and forty-one years ago, if the history books are to be believed about anything, the original organizers of the government of this country were hard at work in […]

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What Tomorrow Will Bring: A Tirade: Afterthoughts and Words Part 4

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It should be obvious, from information contained in past articles, that I am no longer young…and yet broken and disheartened, I shall do everything in my domain to warn my fellow man, my countrymen, of what I perceive to be a clear and present danger, and if that eventuality should come to be, I shall […]

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