What Tomorrow Will Bring: A Tirade: Afterthoughts and Words Part 4

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It should be obvious, from information contained in past articles, that I am no longer young…and yet broken and disheartened, I shall do everything in my domain to warn my fellow man, my countrymen, of what I perceive to be a clear and present danger, and if that eventuality should come to be, I shall […]

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Hillary-Gate Part I – Just The Facts!

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UPDATED July 28, 2016 New video from Dick Morris https://www.facebook.com/dickmorriscom/videos/10154398092154438/ While doing research on Hillary Rodham Clinton for an article of my own, I came across this one. Credit where it is due, I present it to the Esteemed Readers of Fix America without edits or comments. You decide for yourself. “A very good and […]

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A Boy Wants to be King!

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Looking back over the last five years or so, I see a nation that trusts a child with the highest office in the land. I see a child who for all intent and purpose, is so wrapped up in himself that he really believes he can do anything he wants without question or consequence. The scary thing […]

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The Meaning of Liberty

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In the past several months I have written about liberty and rights. I have used both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as evidence of the commitment to liberty our founders made. But I cannot do the subject as much justice, nor can I offer the level of inspiration and motivation that I discovered in this short video […]

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Only Two Weeks Left!

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The lies Romney told years ago are now coming back to haunt him. When I mentioned this in many posts, most people called me a “Paulbot” claiming  that Romney, the man who finished third in the 2008 RNC race, was the best candidate the GOP had. They were wrong then and they are still wrong […]

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The Propaganda Machine

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During the National Socialist takeover of Germany, Hitler and his backers employed one of the most effective propaganda campaigns ever designed up to that time. Here in America today, we are being attacked by an even greater technology, that penetrates every aspect of our modern society.The propaganda has become part of education in public schools […]

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Where Were They During the Primaries?

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It really galls me to listen to all of these GOP Senators and Representatives praise Ron Paul after the fact. Where were they when he was campaigning against Romney? They were calling him a crazy isolationist, with dangerous foreign policy. They and the mainstream media locked him out of every debate when they could. FOX News’s Carl […]

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Time is Running Out for America

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Romney and Ryan are already campaigning as if they have secured the nomination and the privately-owned media is spinning the choice of Paul Ryan as the completion of the GOP dream team. It amazes me how utterly ignorant and forgetful that most Americans seem to be. The latest comparison portrays the Ross Perot supporters as the reason that Bill […]

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You’re Kidding! Who are the Candidates?

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It seems that many of us not only think alike but we do so in sync with one another. Due to a few minor glitches in updating a PC, I was unable to receive email, so I was not aware of the email containing an article very similar to one I had been writing and was getting […]

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Protecting The Vote

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Someone asked me if I were going to hold an election, how would I go about making sure it was fair and open?  I thought the problem over and took the article ‘Who Would Have More Votes?‘ and the video in the article ‘A Beacon Of Light:  Take Back America‘ into consideration. I came up […]

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What Will You Do?

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The privately-owned major media can’t report what it is told not to report i.e., “Obama Issues Kill Order” a follow on to Operation Mockingbird. The truth does not matter when the press is controlled: so what will you do?  If you continue to watch and listen to censored news, it is difficult to think over […]

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Who Wins?

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With all of the media coverage of the 4th rate candidate Willard “Mitt” Romney as the favorite son of the Republican Party for 2012, it begs the question as to why that is so. After all, he finished behind eventual winner John McCain AND Mike Huckabee in 2008. So how can Americans support him now? […]

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From Risky Gamble, To Disaster, To Debacle: The Democratic National Committee Plan

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I have been reading and following an issue since 2006, with interest and ever growing concern. The rhetoric concerning; Muslim and Christian, black and white, oppressed and free, citizen and foreigner, liberal and conservative, democratic and republican, socialist and fascist, communistic and capitalistic, national and global, sovereign and slave, etc. and any other supposed highly […]

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Another One Bites The Dust

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Strange how things are turning out. John Huntsman drops out and endorses Mitt Romney, and now Rick Perry hangs up his spurs and offers his reins to Newt Gingrich! All that campaign rhetoric about “Washington Insiders” and Perry endorses the one with the most questionable honesty and integrity? I can almost hear the music starting […]

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