The Farce Continues: And You Bought It All!

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With only weeks away from the Iowa Caucuses, it is obvious that the Democrats are ignoring the possibility that Hillary Rodham Clinton may face criminal charges along with several other members of her staff. That is at present, only the remotest of possibilities, because the Department of Justice is more focused on those who slander […]

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You’re Kidding! Who are the Candidates?

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It seems that many of us not only think alike but we do so in sync with one another. Due to a few minor glitches in updating a PC, I was unable to receive email, so I was not aware of the email containing an article very similar to one I had been writing and was getting […]

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Iowa – Foaming at The Mouth – Panic!

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Eastern Goldfinch eyeing soy beans From a Concerned Reader: Eastern Goldfinches eating entire 2012 Soy Bean Crop? Cows ignore rumors of Corn growing from Wild Rose Bushes. Hogs dismiss foaming at the mouth and climb down out of Oak Trees all over the state? All 3,046,355. Human residents crowd into Des Moines and chant “Our Liberties […]

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