The Great Debate?

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Fox News will host a GOP candidate debate this Thursday, August 6, 2015. The hype is no less than that of a heavy weight boxing match on pay-per-view.  According to the spin, Donald Trump leads the field of contenders. Why? Is he that ‘refreshing’ that the public sees him as a serious Presidential hopeful? Allow […]

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Peace or War, or Friend or Foe: Who is Obama?

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The following article by Ben Shapiro needs to be read by all Americans who love freedom. ” A COMPLETE TIMELINE OF OBAMA‚ÄôS ANTI-ISRAEL HATREDby BEN SHAPIRO 20 Mar 2015On Thursday, the press announced that the Obama administration would fully consider abandoning Israel in international bodies like the United Nations.According to reports, President Obama finally called […]

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My Commentary on Netanyahu’s Visit: Historic!

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“Iran’s supreme leader … spews the oldest hatred of anti-Semitism with the newest technology,” Netanyahu said. “He tweets that Israel must be … destroyed.”I was greatly impressed by the words offered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today. I was equally embarrassed by the response from the person who calls himself President and his Cabinet, as well […]

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The Unexplained Dark Picture or An Image Unclearly Seen

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I recently ran across a list of statements on the blog; although the author is not stated the statements remain. I have paraphrased most of the posting. I have brought some of these issues before the esteemed Fix America readership and attempted to answer a few of the issues, but there remains a large residuum that is […]

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This, That, and Another Thing

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Having recently moved into a new place, I haven’t really had time to even thing about what to write. So I thought I would simply catch up on what has been happening in current events since I also purchased a new TV to go with the high speed internet service and the HD cable package. […]

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Chuck Chuck: No Defensive Senator for Defense Secretary

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Why a Presidential appointee for Secretary of Defense shows up for a confirmation hearing so totally unprepared and clueless, bumbling, mumbling, and stumbling over simple yes/no answers is beyond me. If this is the choice of the President, Obama is truly doing what he can to destroy our defenses.A Commander-in-Chief that has control of the most formidable weapons one the planet, must […]

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Stop This Madness and Murder!

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How many years have  the Israelis been subjected to rockets targeting civilians? They were not targeting troops. Hamas militants hide behind children and claim the children are being killed by atrocious Israeli aggression.Both sides are guilty of atrocities against each other, but the privately-owned major media and the American President are most sympathetic to the […]

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Why Are We Targets of Terrorists?

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Everyday we are bombarded with media from all parts of the world regarding terrorism, and much of it seems to be targeting Americans.  Aside from the issues in the Middle East, much of it is also against America’s ally Israel; we still do not have an answer that addresses the true reasons why.The most recent […]

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