The Farce Continues: And You Bought It All!

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With only weeks away from the Iowa Caucuses, it is obvious that the Democrats are ignoring the possibility that Hillary Rodham Clinton may face criminal charges along with several other members of her staff. That is at present, only the remotest of possibilities, because the Department of Justice is more focused on those who slander […]

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Ukraine: Freedom or Serfdom?

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While most of the news is focused on the missing Malaysian flight 370, and the Russian Federation taking control in the Crimean region of Ukraine, we are being bombarded with rhetoric from our government about how Vladimir Putin is violating international law and the constitution of the Ukraine. There are many mysteries to be uncovered regarding the […]

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Red Lines In The White House, or Selecting The Truth – Part 2

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There is a cause for John Kerry’s and John McCain’s brain dead position on just how moderate the rebel force is in Syria, which is made up of more than seventy factions.  “The woman whose opinion lawmakers are relying on to go to war in Syria is also a paid advocate for the war-torn country‚Äôs rebels. On Wednesday, Secretary of […]

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