First Amendment Nullified By Federal Supremacy

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In her Ruling against blogger/journalist Gary Hunt, Judge Anna J. Brown has demonstrated that constitutional limits and prohibitions no longer apply in federal court jurisdiction. The assumption of jurisdiction in order to move the case forward is not a new tactic of the courts. The Portland trials of the peaceful protesters at the Malheur Wildlife […]

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STAND by Paula Hart

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Taking a stand is not something reserved to a select group of people.  Our Founders who fought to secure the blessings of Liberty, the right of each independent and Free State may remain that way throughout their posterity, demonstrated to us that eternal vigilance is necessary to remain free and independent from those who would […]

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Travesty of Justice

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To the Esteemed Readers, Please review the charges and the verdicts and see if you can find where the charges fit the actual description of what took place at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.     18 U.S. Code § 1361 – Government property or contracts Whoever willfully injures or commits any depredation against any property […]

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Points of Clarification

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Administrator Brown’s Kangaroo Tribunal fails, despite a valiant attempt to sway the jury in favor of the prosecution’s arguments and subvert justice, to find all statute violators guilty. In order to fully understand the lead-in sentence, a few deliberate misunderstandings and misrepresentations need Clarification. First and foremost is the misunderstanding that has been regurgitated by the Government’s Educational System for […]

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