The Fifth of July — James Clinton Belcher

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  From the pages of Judge Anna M. von Reitz Presented to the Esteemed Readers of Fix America in it’s entirety. By James Clinton Belcher Two hundred and forty-one years ago, if the history books are to be believed about anything, the original organizers of the government of this country were hard at work in […]

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Mutual Services Trading Company

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  As the new year begins, with a newly seen glimmer of the Light of Hope,  President Donald John Trump as head of a corporation that has been completely out of control for one-hundred-and-fifty-years has a tremendous amount of work to accomplish in order to correct many of the problems facing Americans, both Continental Americans (read as American […]

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Points of Clarification

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Administrator Brown’s Kangaroo Tribunal fails, despite a valiant attempt to sway the jury in favor of the prosecution’s arguments and subvert justice, to find all statute violators guilty. In order to fully understand the lead-in sentence, a few deliberate misunderstandings and misrepresentations need Clarification. First and foremost is the misunderstanding that has been regurgitated by the Government’s Educational System for […]

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Truth and Justice For All!

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To the Esteemed Readers and followers of the Fix America Facebook page and this blog, may I present to you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!“Ammon Bundy Totally Vindicated….and Now…..The Ninth Circuit Court (15-10-117) just ordered the Federales to prove federal subject matter jurisdiction — not just assume subject matter jurisdiction– […]

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