The Pain of Health Care at Any Cost: the Remedy is Nullification and Then Repeal

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Americans are beginning to realize that the Affordable Care Act is not as what it was originally presented. An affordable health care system, which would provide health care to those who required it, it is not. It has developed, as those who assembled it knew it would, into a scheme for a tax revenue stream. Tax the young, who will […]

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Dear Dan

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   I am replying to an email that I received regarding the current environment in which we now live in America. After careful consideration of facts, it appears that blame and fault is not going to fix what is wrong, only action by good Americans can do that. Keep in mind that it is more […]

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One Of America’s Best

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Today, people in general believe the young just lie about, play video games and generally contribute to the downward mobility within our society. You will find below… a surprising and refreshing collection of some of the most enlightening ideas I have read in years. Many Kudos to the brilliant 21-year-old woman who put them together […]

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