Trump is a Pathological Narcissist

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The Esteemed Readers of Fix America may recall the post, The Hope For America: Know Yourself and Set Yourself Free in which world-renown psychiatrist Samuel Vaknin claims that Barack Obama is a pathological narcissist and a dangerous person.  Recently, in an article written by Richard Larsen for the Conservative Daily News, Donald Trump is compared to the narcissistic Barack […]

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The Abyss of Arrogance and Conceit

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It’s not about Treyvon Martin nor is it about racism. It’s simply about Obama and what Obama thinks is best. It is about a pathological narcissistic liar who lets no tragedy go without exploitation for personal or political gain. The man who calls himself President always makes it about himself because it has to be about […]

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A Boy Wants to be King!

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Looking back over the last five years or so, I see a nation that trusts a child with the highest office in the land. I see a child who for all intent and purpose, is so wrapped up in himself that he really believes he can do anything he wants without question or consequence. The scary thing […]

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A Beacon of Light: Take Back America

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Perhaps in some way it is self-fulfilling prophecy, the ultimate confrontation of good and evil, playing out on the stage of life each day and yet most Americans are totally unaware of it. All they see are many seemingly unrelated issues, reported more in passing, media dishes out more non-news than real news. There has […]

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The Hope for America: Know Yourself And Set Yourself Free

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To say the least, Dr. Vaknin has a colorful history and much more than a passing interest in the psychology of narcissism. The partial comment and summary of Dr. Vaknin’s book, ‘Malignant Self Love’ found below is interesting not only for what it relates, but what it implies about what was inferred by the Americans […]

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