Who Are You Really?

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I hear people who call themselves Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans, Progressives, Leftists, Conservatives, and all other labels used as identity. The question is “Who are you really?”I define myself as an American National. I was born in America as were my parents. Their parents immigrated to America from Italy, Latvia, and Russia. I am not an Italian […]

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Fret No More! Gibson Makes New Guitar

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The wood in question has been returned to the rightful owners after a long drawn out battle with the police state. In the article posted in September, 2011, called, “The Lost Tune: Something to Fret About” the Esteemed Reader was introduced to the mind-boggling raid on the Gibson Guitar factory by armed agents.Unless you are a regular […]

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The Propaganda Machine

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During the National Socialist takeover of Germany, Hitler and his backers employed one of the most effective propaganda campaigns ever designed up to that time. Here in America today, we are being attacked by an even greater technology, that penetrates every aspect of our modern society.The propaganda has become part of education in public schools […]

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Sawyer Adrift On A River of Lies

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ABC’s Diane Sawyer has relayed the triumphant victory of the Texas Primary for Republican darling Willard Mittington Romney as having more than the required number of delegates to catapult that dead weight to be the nominated republican candidate for president. But, WAIT A MINUTE… less than ten percent of the precincts had been reported when […]

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Obama Issues “Kill Order” Regarding Ron Paul and Russia Prepares for Nuclear World War III

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I could say something vulgar regarding the privately-owned major media and the person occupying the presidency; however, instead I began to think along different paths. Why would a Democrat, occupying the presidency, worry to such an extent about a supposedly minor candidate that the news has proclaimed unelectable? Although Ron Paul has been elected to […]

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