Who Are You Really?

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I hear people who call themselves Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans, Progressives, Leftists, Conservatives, and all other labels used as identity. The question is “Who are you really?”I define myself as an American National. I was born in America as were my parents. Their parents immigrated to America from Italy, Latvia, and Russia. I am not an Italian […]

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Are You American?

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Most people who are citizens will answer “Yes!” Citizenship alone does not make you an American. No, being American is not the ability to vote or wave the flag and sing the national anthem.The peoples who came to America did so for freedom. Freedom to worship as they believed, freedom to work and keep the fruits of their […]

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How to Plant The Seeds of Destruction: or By Hob’s Tongue-The Duce You Say! Part 2

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It is difficult to understand the turn of events that has led to this state of affairs; but turn they have, crushing almost everything in their path. It is even more difficult to understand why this halter of control and oppression has not been noticed by Americans. The People of this Country have suffered enough. […]

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