Sports Not Politics

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This website is about America and politics. It’s not about sports. As a Jeffersonian constitutional Patriot, freedom of speech is something that I wholeheartedly support. I also feel that there is a time and place for each of us to express ourselves when we feel an injustice needs to be addressed. If you want to […]

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Travesty of Justice

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To the Esteemed Readers, Please review the charges and the verdicts and see if you can find where the charges fit the actual description of what took place at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.     18 U.S. Code ยง 1361 – Government property or contracts Whoever willfully injures or commits any depredation against any property […]

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A Hero’s Letter to Obama

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Often times, I run across a rant from some American, who has come to realize what a serious mistake Americans made in electing a socialist community organizer to the highest elected office in the land.But the following “open letter” to Barack Obama comes not from a disgruntled tax paying American, but from an American Patriot […]

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The Fall of a Nation

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America is under attack and there are no defenses being provided by our government. In fact, the government is bringing the invasion to us by training and arming foreigners. Reports from anonymous Border Patrol agents indicate that among those who are invading our nation, are Islamic Jihadists who are being trained by DHS as ‘soldiers’ […]

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What Tomorrow Will Bring: A Tirade: Afterthoughts and Words Part 4

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It should be obvious, from information contained in past articles, that I am no longer young…and yet broken and disheartened, I shall do everything in my domain to warn my fellow man, my countrymen, of what I perceive to be a clear and present danger, and if that eventuality should come to be, I shall […]

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My Reply to Senator Merkley

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I received this letter as a reply to my concern that Senator Merkley was in favor of restrictions on arms/magazine capacities, and demanding that he vote against any such unconstitutional infringements now and in the future. Apparently the Senator does not represent We the People of Oregon, but an ideology that he feels is more […]

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The Meaning of Liberty

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In the past several months I have written about liberty and rights. I have used both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as evidence of the commitment to liberty our founders made. But I cannot do the subject as much justice, nor can I offer the level of inspiration and motivation that I discovered in this short video […]

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A Tribute to Martin Luther King

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History will show that Dr. King was pioneer of equal rights but few will see him in the context that portrays him as a true Statesman. He was first and foremost a clergyman, a man well versed in the Christian faith.Some will call him an activist although he was much more than that. Dr. King […]

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Sandy Hook vs. End of the World

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Blessings and prayers to those lost and those who mourn.I was going to write a short post about the end of the world, just as I did many years ago with the Y2K disaster predictions, but now that I seem to be getting all of these emails and posts ob Facebook regarding the shootings that […]

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