BREAKING: Pilot Who Heard Every Word Of Clinton/Lynch Secret Meeting Breaks His Silence

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  The Esteemed Readers of this site may find this interesting. I have not confirmed the source yet so please take that under consideration. If it does pan out to be true, this is grounds for indictments and charges forthcoming. I doubt that President Trump block this. BREAKING: Pilot Who Heard Every Word Of Clinton/Lynch […]

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America As It Should Be

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The Esteemed Readers of this blog know that many of these individual issues have been addressed before in the many posts we have published since 2008. The following article by an ex-CIA spy and former US Marine, calls on Congress to take immediate actions. Fix America calls on its Esteemed Readers to call and write […]

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The End is Near!

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It has been my experiences over the past four decades to question everything that is said by the media and by government. Half truths and omissions of facts, outright lies are passed on as facts more often than not. So it was up to me to educate myself by research to discover for myself what […]

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The Late Great USA?

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The end of the United States will not happen with the roar of war, it will happen with the whimpering of masses who have bought into the lies of government. The privately-owned major media has done its job well. Commentary has replaced unbiased journalism in all of America‚Äôs media. Propaganda has replaced news through threats […]

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Liberty is Our Security!

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Do Americans really believe in liberty anymore? Does the illusion of security supersede freedom? Benjamin Franklin stated, “Those who will trade freedom for the illusion of security deserve neither, freedom nor security.” Eric Fromm in his book, “Escape From Freedom” pretty much said the same thing, and that was prior to the rise of National Socialism in Germany. Mitt Romney supports […]

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Time is Running Out for America

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Romney and Ryan are already campaigning as if they have secured the nomination and the privately-owned media is spinning the choice of Paul Ryan as the completion of the GOP dream team. It amazes me how utterly ignorant and forgetful that most Americans seem to be. The latest comparison portrays the Ross Perot supporters as the reason that Bill […]

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