My Response to Senator Merkley’s Campaign Manager

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I certainly must admit that these people have unmitigated gall! After removing my letter from his Facebook page and then removing my comment regarding the same, I published both Senator Merkley’s email and my reply for the Esteemed Readers of the Fix America blog to peruse. But instead of addressing me, the non-representing Senator and […]

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Voting Reform

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There are three primary areas to consider when looking at how our vote is made to count. It was explained in detail how to insure the integrity of the vote in my post Protecting The Vote. But there are two more points to make clear. The second is to have an informed electorate. The voters […]

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The World Will Change

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It is predictions and prophecy  that guides many. It seems that when you believe so strongly in something, that it will occur. Many people believe in the End Times, and they have pretty most the same idea of what that is supposed to look like.I see a possibility of an alternative outcome. But it will take a great […]

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A Representative of the People

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I am a supporter of Art Robinson. I have read his book “Common Sense in 2012” and agree with much of what he stands for, more so than his opponent Peter DeFazio. Here is an email I received from the Art Robinson campaign. I include it in its entirety. Here Comes the Worst Pre-Election Smear Campaign […]

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The Late Great USA?

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The end of the United States will not happen with the roar of war, it will happen with the whimpering of masses who have bought into the lies of government. The privately-owned major media has done its job well. Commentary has replaced unbiased journalism in all of America‚Äôs media. Propaganda has replaced news through threats […]

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Ignorance is Not Bliss

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As we approach the Republican National Convention it would seem that the nomination is now merely a formality. Mitt Romney has picked Paul Ryan as his running mate and the privately-owned major media has made it seem like this pair is the GOP dream team. Nothig can be further from the truth. Americans seem to […]

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