A Brighter Day for America; or, Will Roberts follow Scallia?

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If you have read the related posted articles, see below, you realize why Soetoro/Obama is guilty of treason against the united States of America. Esteemed Readers from more than one hundred countries located around the world, are familiar with the content of these articles and have been wondering why the US Congress has not Impeached the Fraud occupying the […]

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The ACA is the VA Way!

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The real cost of healthcare will not really hit until after the mid-term elections, and quite possibly not until the People are fooled once again into believing the Democrats will fix everything once they have another socialist in the White House and return the House to a socialist majority. Don’t expect the Republicans to do […]

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Obamacare codes may be a Severe Headache for All Classes of Citizens

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Published under the title: “BOMBSHELL: International Medical Coding and “Legal” Execution by Beheading Brought to USA Under Obamacare…”The following is offered as a Fix America exclusive for you, the Esteemed Reader and Patriot. “Redflagnews-A faithful reader sent me a code and asked me to investigate how it ties into the larger scale of things. The […]

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PPACA: Smashing Success!

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Every now and then, I do run across someone who gets it.  It’s from one perspective and yet it does demonstrate how Americans are being fleeced of their property and liberty.Please share and give credit to Mr. Root and to FoxNews for telling the truth! Why ObamaCare is a fantastic success By Wayne Allyn Root  Published […]

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The Blame Game: The Continuing Saga of Ineptitude

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Let me make this as clear as possible. In the article posted by the Official Tea Party USA, the blame is given to the man occupying the White House and his party of Democratic Socialists. I agree to a point, but not entirely.All appropriations emanates from the House of Representatives. The Constitution gave the House […]

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