Will Justice Prevail?

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PAYBACK: White House Officials Say John McCain Leak Investigation Should Proceed In a post dated July 28, 2017 the True Pundit published the following article.  Although shared on Facebook and other social media sites, many people have been complaining that the original sire was unreachable. So for the Esteemed Readers it is presented here in […]

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We Don’t Need World War!

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The saber rattling needs to stop. In less than a week things have gone from a Trump/Putin partnership to what seems like war with Russia. I’d like to believe that neither is a reality. The problem isn’t Syria nor is it Russia. The problem is the United Nations and the NATO Alliance. Our President shined […]

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Who Are You Really?

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I hear people who call themselves Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans, Progressives, Leftists, Conservatives, and all other labels used as identity. The question is “Who are you really?”I define myself as an American National. I was born in America as were my parents. Their parents immigrated to America from Italy, Latvia, and Russia. I am not an Italian […]

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God Bless The uSA!

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 Update:  Watch President Trump’s Oath of Office and Inaugural Address below. Since the inauguration of John F. Kennedy I don’t think I missed watching an inauguration on television. Tonight I watched the concert from the Lincoln Memorial online and I laughed and cried, but most of all I was in awe.  I plan on watching the […]

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Congratulations Donald John Trump! President-Elect of the Republic

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After a long and disheartening series of New World Order people occupying the White House and attempting to destroy the Republic, President-Elect Donald John Trump has managed to win the hearts and Minds of Americans and capture the necessary electoral votes  to become the next President of the United States. Now begins the long and complicated process of correcting the […]

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Making America Great Again

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When immigrants came to America, they came with dreams for their futures. America was called the Land of Opportunity, and that is what brought them to these shores. Many came with only the clothes on their backs and a skill or trade that was going to make them a good living. They learned quickly to […]

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Hillary Gate Part III: From Benghazi to the White House?

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It seems to me that either most Americans have been totally brainwashed by the media or they have completely lost touch with reality due to the chemical additives in processed foods, and fluoride-laced toothpaste and fluoridated water. The privately-owned major media, controlled by just six separate corporations, get paid to tell you what their sponsors want […]

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Rate The Debate

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While there are many analysts who think that Trump and Jeb Bush were the big winners in last Thursday night’s FoxNews debate, to anyone who viewed this two-hour farce, it is plain to see that the stand out and stand up presidential hopeful was Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). From the very start, Paul challenged Trump’s […]

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Recalling The Past: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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It occurs to me that Americans generally are apathetic and complacent. American People trust that government will always be there to protect their rights and provide security from foreign invasion. Results demonstrate a contrary outcome regardless of promises made by elected representatives.The Constitution itself is misinterpreted and misrepresented by all three branches of the federal […]

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Some Notable Firsts For A Fraud

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Quite a lot could be said in pointing out Barry Soetoro’s/AKA Barack Hussein Obama II’s violations of the Constitution of the United States of America, subversions of the the letter and spirit of the laws and principles of the United States of America, presentation of speeches which resonate with the wants of the masses; however, […]

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Red Lines In The White House, or WAR For Peace – Part 1

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The Nobel Peace Prize recipient occupying the White House, at least when he is not playing golf or God or raising campaign funds, has once again shown his stripe and color which is not red, white and blue, is writing executive orders and about to commit US military assets to begin yet another costly war and attack Syria. A nation which […]

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The Unexplained Dark Picture or An Image Unclearly Seen

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I recently ran across a list of statements on the lifeloom.com blog; although the author is not stated the statements remain. I have paraphrased most of the posting. I have brought some of these issues before the esteemed Fix America readership and attempted to answer a few of the issues, but there remains a large residuum that is […]

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A Boy Wants to be King!

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Looking back over the last five years or so, I see a nation that trusts a child with the highest office in the land. I see a child who for all intent and purpose, is so wrapped up in himself that he really believes he can do anything he wants without question or consequence. The scary thing […]

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History Repeats Itself!

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It happened to the good people of Germany, when their own economy was in shambles after World War I. A leader emerged who promised the nation a rebirth. Changes for the better. It began in education, creating a movement in the youth to pave the way for a better future. Just like Germany, education was […]

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