Littering?, or Operation OVERKILL!

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How many times in any state have drivers passed temporary memorials to fatalities along the roadside? The Esteemed Readers might guess hundreds of thousands of temporary memorials across America, and that might be an underestimate. These small memorials usually consist of a small wooden cross, a picture, flowers and cards. Do these remembrances constitute terrorist activity?  Do they constitute […]

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POW or Enemy Sympathizer? And What About Coal?

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A lot is being said about the exchange of five high level terrorists for one Sgt. “Bowe” Bergdahl. Some claim that he deserted, and walked into the hands of the Taliban. Based on all the evidence presented thus far, the President broke more than one law in releasing prisoners. Judge Andrew Napolitano explains it to […]

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In Liberty

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What was the purpose for the creation of our Nation? The Society of our Nation was formed from different groups of people who came from different societies which, in many instances, held different social customs, religious beliefs, languages, etc.  The common characteristics, in general, were those of free-thinkers and people tired of being ruled and […]

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Teach Your Children Well

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Updated August 7, 2013 Ask most individuals today and they will tell you that the government needs to do more for educating the children. The problem is no matter how much money they take from the taxpayer or borrow from the banks, education in America is dying. Most of our founders did not have formal education. Yes, […]

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Dr. Ron Paul’s Plans To Reduce The Cost Of Government

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“Texas Rep. Ron Paul (R) plans to outline in a speech Monday afternoon in Nevada a budget proposal that would shed $1 trillion from the federal budget, eliminate five Cabinet-level departments and cut salaries to government employees. “Ron Paul’s plan is the only one that seriously addresses the economic and budgetary problems our nation faces. […]

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A Safe America – Part 1

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It seems to me that It is very important to remember that before the founding of this nation very independent thinking men became dissatisfied with rulers and struck out for a foreign shore. Since the founding of this country, it was imaginative individuals as entrepreneurs working, always with risk, toward a common goal through voluntary […]

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Just Around The Corner: or Obama Hear and See All 1984 Plan

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It has now been revealed that the plan and ability to gather unlimited data and information on U.S. Citizens; regardless of terrorism, regardless of religious affiliation, regardless of political affiliation, regardless of occupation, regardless of location, has been put into effect according to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testifying on January 31, 2012 before […]

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The Alternative Isn’t Ominous

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I never really gave a thought about the term birth control until quite recently. But while listening to some of the discussion and debates on the issue that has become the recent diversion from what is really wrong, it occurred to me that “birth control” sounds ominous. When I hear the term mentioned it brings […]

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Democracy or Republic? Your Choice!

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Parallels are being drawn in the media between the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Wall Street mobs. So I thought I would do some research myself and see where these parallels are. What I find is quite contrary to what is portrayed by the privately-owned major media. Where does the First Amendment end and public nuisance and disorderly […]

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If Things Were Right

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In the vision of our founders as is demonstrated by the careful word crafting in the documents that we now call Founding Documents, the explicit limits to federal government are plain. In all of them the rights to all were equal, not that all are equal. One who works for wages or starts their own […]

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