Who Are You Really?

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I hear people who call themselves Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans, Progressives, Leftists, Conservatives, and all other labels used as identity. The question is “Who are you really?”I define myself as an American National. I was born in America as were my parents. Their parents immigrated to America from Italy, Latvia, and Russia. I am not an Italian […]

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The Rise of the Citizens’ Militia: The Defenders of the Republic

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We are witnessing what may be a turning point in this nation’s history. It will fall upon the will of the People whether or not the Republic will be restored or  the Republic remains a corporate entity, the UNITED STATES. The privately-owned major media is focused on any conflict in the Middle East, while thousands of […]

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My Response to Senator Merkley’s Campaign Manager

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I certainly must admit that these people have unmitigated gall! After removing my letter from his Facebook page and then removing my comment regarding the same, I published both Senator Merkley’s email and my reply for the Esteemed Readers of the Fix America blog to peruse. But instead of addressing me, the non-representing Senator and […]

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A Boy Wants to be King!

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Looking back over the last five years or so, I see a nation that trusts a child with the highest office in the land. I see a child who for all intent and purpose, is so wrapped up in himself that he really believes he can do anything he wants without question or consequence. The scary thing […]

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Same Game: Different Blame?

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Well the blame game is just getting under way. First we have the Benghazi murders that neither the White House nor the State Department wants to talk about. First they blamed the attack on a video and then on spontaneous protests. And there are survivors who will testify before Congress on Wednesday, several under alleged threats from […]

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Health, Wealth, Laws, and Rights

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With all of the hype in the media lately regarding abortions, guns, health care, and immigration, Americans as a whole are being duped by the people we trusted to protect our rights and our borders.First, abortion is not a choice. Having sex is a choice and doing so with responsibility is what needs to be […]

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A Proclamation of Liberty

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We the Sovereign Individuals of the Sovereign States of America, gave the Constitution for the United States of America in order to form a more perfect union of the many States, granting certain permissions to protect the sovereignty of the People and the States, and to form a representative government. The Constitution created three separate […]

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The Propaganda Machine

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During the National Socialist takeover of Germany, Hitler and his backers employed one of the most effective propaganda campaigns ever designed up to that time. Here in America today, we are being attacked by an even greater technology, that penetrates every aspect of our modern society.The propaganda has become part of education in public schools […]

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Happy Birthday U. S. Constitution: Rest in Peace!

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 As I sat down to write another post for the blog, it occurred to me that what really is troubling is the fact that most Americans relish the division in political party rhetoric. The travesty is that most are totally unaware of the divide and conquer plan that the global elitists have created and are […]

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Power Grab by Dictator of National Care

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The upcoming decision and ruling to be handed down by the supreme court sometime this summer will determine whether or not you will be able to find and receive proper health care. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,if upheld as constitutional, will be administered by non-medically trained people. The underlying intent of the PPACA is uniquely political in its philosophic construction and has little to do with […]

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Busy Bees Make A Shiny New Hive – or Welcome To Your New Government Run By The President, The Secretary of Homeland Security, and The Secretary of Defense

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I read the new Executive Order signed on Friday last with great interest. Pretty exciting stuff!  I wonder what happened to Our Government?  Are we gearing-up for something?  Why isn’t congress involved in all these new laws and the ways our Government functions?  I guess Congress isn’t important anymore or they don’t care!  I wonder why Congress hasn’t IMPEACHED the people responsible?  You […]

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The Great New Hampshire Debate-For Educational Purposes Only

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by a concerned reader The New Hampshire Debate has accomplished little to define either the candidates intentions, ideas, or beliefs or a coherent account of their records. This was due to the moderators questions which steered around all the major problems facing this country focusing on issues not pertinent to the governance of this nation […]

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The Decline: The Geography of a Recession

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This animation by Latoya Egwuekwe shows the shocking decline of jobs across the United States. But even with these startling statistics, it does not include many other Americans who are not counted for reasons such as part-time employment, ineligibility for unemployment benefits, businesses that were forced to close, etc. Including all figures would no doubt, […]

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Hope & Change: Super Failure

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I know that many Americans are disappointed and even stressed at the the dismal results of the Super Committee’s failure to reach a deal. The Democrats will blame the Republicans and the Republicans will blame the Democrats. In fact, the finger pointing has already begun, and that is no surprise either. The fair and balanced […]

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