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When I first started working (age 14) I was ‘required’ to obtain a social security card. I was told that Social Security was a retirement insurance plan to make sure that those of us who ‘volunteered’ to apply, would be ‘guaranteed’ a retirement income at age sixty-five. That was also a lie. Today I received […]

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Social Security Insurance or Entitlement?

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  This originally came to me in email and today it came in a Facebook chat (PM) message. I present it here for the Esteemed Reader of Fix America.   KEEP PASSING THIS AROUND UNTIL EVERY ONE HAS HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO READ IT… THIS IS SURE SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!!!! THE ONLY THING WRONG WITH […]

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The Pain of Health Care at Any Cost: the Remedy is Nullification and Then Repeal

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Americans are beginning to realize that the Affordable Care Act is not as what it was originally presented. An affordable health care system, which would provide health care to those who required it, it is not. It has developed, as those who assembled it knew it would, into a scheme for a tax revenue stream. Tax the young, who will […]

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Resolution or Revolution?

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What will the New Year bring? As we look back and reflect on the past year, what do we see? Not that we will all see the same things, but so many remain in a state of denial about what they have experienced and what is to come.I hear and read every day about many […]

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Discrimination by Congressional Legislation?

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Laws that protect a group of individuals from discrimination seemed like a good idea at the time. Save for a minority of representatives who argued against such legislation on grounds of constitutional validity were at the time called racists. We face the same issues today but on a multitude of fronts. Gay rights, immigration rights, […]

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