The Stinging Truth About Hillary and Obama: Lies, Deceit, and Aiding the Enemy

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  “Amb. Stevens was sent to Benghazi post haste in order to retrieve US made Stinger missiles supplied to Ansar al Sharia without Congressional oversight or permission. Hillary brokered the deal through Stevens and a private arms dealer named Marc Turi. Then, some of the shoulder-fired missiles which ended up in Afghanistan were used against […]

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My Commentary on Netanyahu’s Visit: Historic!

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“Iran’s supreme leader … spews the oldest hatred of anti-Semitism with the newest technology,” Netanyahu said. “He tweets that Israel must be … destroyed.”I was greatly impressed by the words offered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today. I was equally embarrassed by the response from the person who calls himself President and his Cabinet, as well […]

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A Deserter and Collaborator Leads to Treason in White House!

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What a difference a day makes! Is it really possible that a CIA station chief in Afghanistan was purposefully outed because he knew something about Bergdahl that the Regime in the White House wanted to keep quiet? Obama seems to want to deflect the issue but even his staunchest supporters are beginning to question this […]

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Hillary Gate Part II – From Watergate to Benghazi

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Updated:  June 12, 20016 It turns out that Rand Paul was correct when he accused the Obama Administration of aiding the ‘enemy’ by sending guns to rebels (terrorists) in Syria from Benghazi. And of course former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton lied! Updated:  December 25, 2015 In light of the seemingly imminent nomination […]

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Hillary-Gate Part I – Just The Facts!

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UPDATED July 28, 2016 New video from Dick Morris While doing research on Hillary Rodham Clinton for an article of my own, I came across this one. Credit where it is due, I present it to the Esteemed Readers of Fix America without edits or comments. You decide for yourself. “A very good and […]

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PPACA: Smashing Success!

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Every now and then, I do run across someone who gets it.  It’s from one perspective and yet it does demonstrate how Americans are being fleeced of their property and liberty.Please share and give credit to Mr. Root and to FoxNews for telling the truth! Why ObamaCare is a fantastic success By Wayne Allyn Root  Published […]

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Red lines In The White House, or Criminals, Corruption, and god – Part 4

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The final part of this article covers what happened and why it happened. After reading the entire article and the video documentaries, the Esteemed Readers should be able to easily identify the TERRORISTS who crafted and carried out this TREASONOUS act. These CRIMINALS must be arrested and held accountable for their actions. The greed for gold, oil, and drugs (god) has […]

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Red Lines In The White House, or WAR For Peace – Part 1

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The Nobel Peace Prize recipient occupying the White House, at least when he is not playing golf or God or raising campaign funds, has once again shown his stripe and color which is not red, white and blue, is writing executive orders and about to commit US military assets to begin yet another costly war and attack Syria. A nation which […]

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Our Government Has Been Busy

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Before and during the coming economic collapse, a state of National Emergency will be declared by the person occupying the White House. This will be followed by the announcement of Martial Law. Considering the current events which are in direct alignment with documented plans for totalitarian one-world government, (white paper plans published by the Tri-Lateral […]

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The Supreme Court is Wrong

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Amendment IV Article VI of the Constitution for the United States of America states: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing […]

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The Meaning of Liberty

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In the past several months I have written about liberty and rights. I have used both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as evidence of the commitment to liberty our founders made. But I cannot do the subject as much justice, nor can I offer the level of inspiration and motivation that I discovered in this short video […]

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Chuck Chuck: No Defensive Senator for Defense Secretary

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Why a Presidential appointee for Secretary of Defense shows up for a confirmation hearing so totally unprepared and clueless, bumbling, mumbling, and stumbling over simple yes/no answers is beyond me. If this is the choice of the President, Obama is truly doing what he can to destroy our defenses.A Commander-in-Chief that has control of the most formidable weapons one the planet, must […]

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Why Are We Targets of Terrorists?

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Everyday we are bombarded with media from all parts of the world regarding terrorism, and much of it seems to be targeting Americans.  Aside from the issues in the Middle East, much of it is also against America’s ally Israel; we still do not have an answer that addresses the true reasons why.The most recent […]

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Give Me Liberty!

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I have written many posts about many topics over several years now. I now feel that it is time that I write about the ignorance of the general population in America. As I listen to and read the pettiness of party politics, it is more evident that this nation is failing. I can blame many […]

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