God Bless The uSA!

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 Update:  Watch President Trump’s Oath of Office and Inaugural Address below. Since the inauguration of John F. Kennedy I don’t think I missed watching an inauguration on television. Tonight I watched the concert from the Lincoln Memorial online and I laughed and cried, but most of all I was in awe.  I plan on watching the […]

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Points of Clarification

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Administrator Brown’s Kangaroo Tribunal fails, despite a valiant attempt to sway the jury in favor of the prosecution’s arguments and subvert justice, to find all statute violators guilty. In order to fully understand the lead-in sentence, a few deliberate misunderstandings and misrepresentations need Clarification. First and foremost is the misunderstanding that has been regurgitated by the Government’s Educational System for […]

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Final Countdown: Saving America With The Ballot

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For too long now, Americans have assumed that whomever they elect for public office will protect their rights and represent their interests. What they fail to consider is that a political party has an agenda that is usually contrary to that of the People’s. Political parties are funded by special interest groups, political action committees […]

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Who’s Can is Getting Kicked?

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So the news is that the Senate will pass a “clean” Continuing Resolution and a raise in the debt ceiling (borrow more money we don’t have to fund programs we don’t need)  The House will cave in to the demands of the dictator in the White House and he will stop hurting us. Oh and have […]

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Red lines In The White House, or Criminals, Corruption, and god – Part 4

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The final part of this article covers what happened and why it happened. After reading the entire article and the video documentaries, the Esteemed Readers should be able to easily identify the TERRORISTS who crafted and carried out this TREASONOUS act. These CRIMINALS must be arrested and held accountable for their actions. The greed for gold, oil, and drugs (god) has […]

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Voting Reform

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There are three primary areas to consider when looking at how our vote is made to count. It was explained in detail how to insure the integrity of the vote in my post Protecting The Vote. But there are two more points to make clear. The second is to have an informed electorate. The voters […]

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Money Meltdown: Bailing out the Banks Part III

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QE3. No, it’s not the launch of a new luxury liner, It’s the third round of quantitative easing, another term the Federal Reserve Board uses to fleece the people and make the banks more profitable. Didn’t work with the housing crisis, didn’t work ten and won’t work now. Like dominoes they will all fall down with […]

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American Revolution in the 21st Century

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Republicans are busy defending their position and their candidate Mitt Romney. Democrats are telling us that Barack Obama needs four more years to complete his change in America. Even Libertarians are thumping their candidate Gary Johnson as the alternative to the other two. While the division of the American people continue, Ron Paul supporters are […]

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Time is Running Out for America

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Romney and Ryan are already campaigning as if they have secured the nomination and the privately-owned media is spinning the choice of Paul Ryan as the completion of the GOP dream team. It amazes me how utterly ignorant and forgetful that most Americans seem to be. The latest comparison portrays the Ross Perot supporters as the reason that Bill […]

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Sawyer Adrift On A River of Lies

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ABC’s Diane Sawyer has relayed the triumphant victory of the Texas Primary for Republican darling Willard Mittington Romney as having more than the required number of delegates to catapult that dead weight to be the nominated republican candidate for president. But, WAIT A MINUTE… less than ten percent of the precincts had been reported when […]

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Protecting The Vote

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Someone asked me if I were going to hold an election, how would I go about making sure it was fair and open?  I thought the problem over and took the article ‘Who Would Have More Votes?‘ and the video in the article ‘A Beacon Of Light:  Take Back America‘ into consideration. I came up […]

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A Beacon of Light: Take Back America

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Perhaps in some way it is self-fulfilling prophecy, the ultimate confrontation of good and evil, playing out on the stage of life each day and yet most Americans are totally unaware of it. All they see are many seemingly unrelated issues, reported more in passing, media dishes out more non-news than real news. There has […]

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What Is The Prime Target?

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Regardless of the rigged caucus and primary elections results for the CFR member, Willard Mittington Romney, the corporate raider who truly belives “greed is good,” has based his entire business career on it. “Greed constitutes his major motive.” The important outcome of the general election for 2012 will not be who becomes President, but what […]

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What Will You Do?

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The privately-owned major media can’t report what it is told not to report i.e., “Obama Issues Kill Order” a follow on to Operation Mockingbird. The truth does not matter when the press is controlled: so what will you do?  If you continue to watch and listen to censored news, it is difficult to think over […]

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