Will Justice Prevail?

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PAYBACK: White House Officials Say John McCain Leak Investigation Should Proceed In a post dated July 28, 2017 the True Pundit published the following article.  Although shared on Facebook and other social media sites, many people have been complaining that the original sire was unreachable. So for the Esteemed Readers it is presented here in […]

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Treason and Tyranny or The Truth Will Set You Free!

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  There are things going on in America that the Esteemed Readers of this site needs to know. Americans must know the truth about how our government has been operating as a criminal cartel against the best interests of the People.   With Senators, Congressmen, Governors, County Commissioners, Federal Judges and Prosecutors, members of the […]

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Let us understand just a few things that are of paramount importance.1. The united States of America belongs solely to Americans living on the land. It does NOT belong to the IMF, the World Bank, or the UNITED STATES, Inc.2. Americans are Sovereign Individuals and are guaranteed the conventions and rights as stated in the Constitution for the united States of […]

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POW or Enemy Sympathizer? And What About Coal?

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A lot is being said about the exchange of five high level terrorists for one Sgt. “Bowe” Bergdahl. Some claim that he deserted, and walked into the hands of the Taliban. Based on all the evidence presented thus far, the President broke more than one law in releasing prisoners. Judge Andrew Napolitano explains it to […]

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Ms. Cleta Mitchell NEW EMAILS Could Send Democrat Elijah Cummings to Prison for Targeting Voter Rights Group “Democrat Leader Elijah Cummings Could Face Up to Five Years in Prison for Illegal Attacks on True the Vote–Last April House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) released a report implicating Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) in colluding with […]

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Almost Like Hitler’s Youth Corps

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I really have a problem with teaching Boy Scouts  how to “take out” a disgruntled Iraq war veteran” as if he/she were just another threat to Homeland Security. This is an individual who put their own life on the line, so that Americans can enjoy the liberty of scouting. But training them to “secure” or […]

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